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Wooly Willy®

Wooly Willy is a famous guy with a lot of history. You can find him at toy retailers nationally, he’s all over the internet, he has an iPhone App all his own and he’s a hero in Smethport, PA, where he even has his own annual festival. Everyone loves Wooly Willy!

Where does this handsome celebrity come from?
Wooly Willy was born in Smethport, PA in 1955. James Herzog created him from magnetic dust on the factory floor. At first, Wooly Willy was not very popular, but he soon charmed the population and became one of the top 40 toys in the period of 1950–1980. His popularity rose because of his affordable price, ease of use and novel play. You simply use the magnetic wand and you can move magnetic dust up to his face and make Wooly Willy look however you wish. It’s fun, and it’s clever!
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He’s a Happenin’ Guy!
Even though Wooly Willy has been around for over 55 years, he still keeps up with the times. You can now find him on an iPhone/iPod Touch App. Download the App to create fun Wooly Willy and Hair-Do Harriet™ faces. You can even use pictures of your friends and family and “magnetically” draw hair on them!


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The Saga of Wooly Willy and Hair-Do Harriet

Wooly Willy met his darling Hair-Do Harriet in the mid ’90s. Wooly Willy http://patchproducts.cust.shopatron.com/img/WoolyWillyFamily.jpgfell for her large blue eyes, she admired his perseverance in the toy market, and they both bonded over their love of different hair designs. They have spent many years together entertaining children, charming adults and keeping classic, simple play alive.

Hair-Do Harriet has been very understanding of Wooly Willy’s family secret of the rogue cousin. They love him even though his face is on a Wanted Poster. Fortunately, he never causes them trouble as he is always on the run.

Recently, Wooly Willy and Hair-Do Harriet decided to get a pet. They knew a furry animal would be a fun addition in their life, and they chose a lovable pup named Buddy Beagle. He’s a silly doggie, and life with him is never boring!

You know, if you dig way back into Wooly Willy’s resume, you’ll find that he spent some time with a travelling circus! His specialty was tight-rope walking, but he also spent some time as a clown and also as a back-up ring master. And, he’s pretty good at juggling. He no longer does circus acts, but on occasion will entertain at children’s birthday parties!

Intrigued about Wooly Willy’s nefarious cousin? Come back soon to find out more!

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