Planet Sock Monkey® Magenta Beetsch®

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A tough-as-nails punk band drummer, passionate about her tattoo art.

"Magenta Beetsch here, and you better listen up. I’m not some prissy chick you can push around, so don’t mess with me. If you can be cool, come listen to my band The Sweaty Sox. We have the wildest, best time—I’m the drummer—and we play at some wild scenes. There’s nothin’ better than just feelin’ the music, you know? But when I’m not rockin’, my day job involves lotsa skin…haha! I ink or pierce anything you want. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and I started tattooing after I got my first one, and love it. I get to draw on skin, where it’s like immortal. The only time it’s lame is when someone asks me to ink a drawing they did themselves and it’s sooo bad. But one day they’ll regret it and come back begging me to cover it up with my design. Ha!"

For rebels wanting to do their own thing, Ages 8 Up

10" Magenta Beetsch is rockin’ her punk style skirt and boots, tattoo and piercings, and has a scary cute skull purse.

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