100 Wacky Things™

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In 100 Wacky Things, players will do some ridiculous things while laughing uncontrollably. The game has two types of cards: Always and Whenever. If you draw an Always Card, you will do the wacky thing on your card every time it’s your turn. A Whenever Card directs you to do what the card says whenever another player does something specific. And, did we mention the silly props? Who can resist acting goofy while wearing an elephant nose, feathered boa, funny glasses or singing into a microphone? One wacky thing definitely leads to another in this zany game of craziness!
For 3 or More Players
Ages 7 & Up

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Contents: 96 Wacky Cards, 4 Prop Cards, 4 Props, (Funny Glasses, Feather Boa, Microphone, Elephant Nose, Rules

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