Jeff Foxworthy's™ You Might Be a Redneck if...™ Game

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You might be a Redneck if... you get your daily amount of fiber from ____. Fill in the blank by making a choice - is it pork rinds? Toothpicks? Chewin' tobacco? Pick the one that's an official Jeff Foxworthy™ Redneck joke. The more you get right, the faster you get all kinds of stuff for your trailer. If you can fill your trailer first, then you might be a Redneck! Includes 800 Redneck jokes.
For 2 to 4 Players
Ages 16 to Adult

Contents: Game Board, 800 Redneck Jokes on 200 Cards, 30 Dumb Luck Cards, Redneck Coin, 4 Rednecks with Stands, 4 Recliners, 4 Hound Dogs, 4 Flyswatters, 4 TVs, 4 Satellite Dishes, 4 Jerky, Rules

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