Word Families Level 1

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This interactive learning tool uses magnets to teach vocabulary, spelling and writing skills. Students will learn about 24 different word families with common spelling patterns to help promote phonemic awareness. Kids love magnets and will enjoy putting the precut word magnets on the board. Also included are blank magnets so you can add new words. An activity guide with each set offers lots of ideas, games, and activities to make learning fun! With its pop-out easel, the large 17" x 13" board can set on the desk or tabletop, making it easy for everyone to view. Its convenient, portable size also makes it great for small groups or individual instruction when needed. For your convenience, we have included a magnet board to organize the magnets and store them when they're not in use. A storage pouch also helps keep everything together.
Grades K-3

Contents: Portable Magnet Board, 24 Word Families Magnets, 96 Word Magnets, 11 Blank Magnets, Magnet Storage Board, Activity Guide

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