Planet Sock Monkey® M.O.N.K.®

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You can find M.O.N.K. at Cost Plus, Go the Game store and Joann stores.

A rough-edged, loud-mouthed rapper keeping it real for his fans.

"My name’s M.O.N.K., what up dawg? Yo, I rap, and I do it in some M.O.N.K. sunglasses...bam! Got my own line of boxers…bam there you have ‘em. That’s how I roll. Sure, there’re haters out there, but I ain’t gonna sweat ‘em, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m an artist and I’m gonna keep doin’ what I do. I ain’t here to listen to negativity and put up with nay-sayers talkin’ ‘bout me gettin’ in a jam two years ago over some chimp. I tell them to shut yo’ mouth and observe, man. It’s about my album and my fans, and I keep it real for them. They what makes this real, you feel me? Love my peeps."

For all the homies out there, Ages 8 & Up

10" M.O.N.K. is dressed to impress in his fedora hat and low-riding jeans, and comes with a jammin’ boombox.

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