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Check out what monkey-lovers are saying about Planet Sock Monkey:

“The detail that Patch put into these toys is not to be overlooked. There’s quality here, and I’m very pleased with it.” (read more)


“There are only so many remarkable and unique gift ideas out there and tweens can be hard to buy for. But happily I have the perfect idea for all the tweens in your life this Christmas. Planet Sock Monkey takes an old concept and makes it new again with this quirky line of punked out weirdo Sock Monkeys.” (read more)


“Patch Products notches up the heat in the already-hot sock monkey market with its new line of collectible soft dolls.
- Toys & Games
(read more)

“We've never seen sock monkeys like these new ones from Patch Products.”
- Toys Bulletin
(read more)

“Kids of all ages can find the sock Monkey that they most identify with.”
- Christmas Toys Blog
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Planet Sock Monkey appeared in The Toy Book

“We all remember sock monkeys but these are not your grandma's sock monkey.”
- Grandma Chronicles
(read more)

"For years, the iconic sock monkey has been a childhood right of passage. This soft, cuddly friend could journey far and wide, accomplish amazing feats and be a friend to the end. These traditional monkeys are getting a makeover. It is time to monkey up with Planet Sock Monkey. Planet Sock Monkey is the line of monkeys by Patch Products that is all about personality." -Cristine Strubel (read more)

"The Planet Sock Monkey line has a fun and creative line of monkeys. They are the perfect size for toting around, and with so many options for girls, it is nice to see some that appealed to my son! (don’t go all hating on me that I said that.. he doesn’t want a monkey with shiny hair and a flouncy dress, we have enough of that already) Oh, and the hours we have spent counting the blood splatter on our zombie guy, and wondering all the amazing places his foot could be! Hours of fun… hours!"
-Julie Nowell

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"My new friend Mageenta Beetch, from the band The Sweaty Sox! She’s just one of the new sock monkeys with personality from Planet Sock Monkey."
-Kristin Barclay (read more)




"I just got Star Harmonkey for my sock monkey obsessed 5 year old. She absolutely loves her. She's already by far my daughters favorite sock monkey! So cute!"
- Christina, Facebook Friend

I’d probably get one each for my kids for a special occasion, like Easter, or for a special milestone, like making it through a dance recital. Instead of spending a ton of money on flowers that’ll just die in two days, I’d get my daughter one flower, stick it in the sock monkey’s arms, and VOILA! It’s the perfect milestone gift idea!


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