Introducing: Planet Sock Monkey Edgy new line is the next generation of sock monkey


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BELOIT, Wis.— Sock monkey is a beloved doll with a rich history. Now, there’s a sock monkey for the fan who wants more – a line that keeps up with people’s unique and varied interests!

Planet Earth is filled with outrageous, inspiring, diverse and exciting personalities, and so is Planet Sock Monkey! Planet Sock Monkey is where personalities shine and differences are celebrated.

Each 10" knit sock monkey comes dressed in a signature style, complete with detailed, quirky accessories. These characters are only available for a limited time, and more characters will arrive to take their place.

Patch’s new Planet Sock Monkey line connects us all in unexpected ways with irreverent humor, attitude and monkey love. Provocative, irresistible and ironic, Planet Sock Monkey has got what it takes to find its place in pop culture!

Ima Bananerd™: A cutely chronic nerd who’s full of self-confidence in spite of her clumsiness.
Eaton Dedd™: A very hungry, undead zombie, forever in search of something to munch on…
Long Sock Silver™: A scoundrel of a pirate, with a flair for the dramatic and a taste for grog.
Magenta Beetsch™: A tough-as-nails punk band drummer, passionate about her tattoo art.
M.O.N.K.™: A rough-edged, loud-mouthed rapper keeping it real for his fans.
Star Harmonkey™: A sweet and stylish singer with a big heart and sparkling personality.

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