Introducing: Patch's newest addition to the Farkle line!


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BELOIT, Wis.— Everyone loves the thrill of rolling those six dice, gambling that each roll will bring more points and not a Farkle – a loss of turn and loss of points accumulated on that turn. Now, say hello to the newest addition to the Farkle family: Farkle Around™, which combines dice with cards for a new take on everyone’s favorite game of skill and luck!

This whirlwind game of dice and cards may leave your head spinning, but not before the last dice fill the card! Roll the dice and match them to what’s shown on the card. If you Farkle, you pass the dice cup to the next player and try again when either of the game’s two dice cups comes back your way. Your only goal: be the one to fill up one side of the card in play to win those points!

Even the contents of this game are fun: 55 cards, 6 burgundy dice, 6 ivory dice and two shaker cups! Farkle Around is for 3 or more players ages 8 and up.

Other games in the line include: Farkle dice cup, Farkle boxed set with included score sheets, Farkle Flip™ card game and Farkle Frenzy® all-play dice game.

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