It's Toy Fair time: Patch Products plans to showcase 2013 product lines at annual event in New York



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BELOIT, Wis.— American International Toy Fair, the toy industry’s largest U.S. event, takes New York City by storm each February, as hundreds of toy and game companies from around the world showcase their newest and most innovative playthings. Patch Products is thrilled to unveil its first preschool toys line, as well as a novelty plush doll line, in addition to several new family games and party games!

Between Feb. 10 and Feb. 13, representatives from Patch will meet with national media, retailers, inventors and toy industry leaders to give a first glimpse of the items that will be hitting store shelves this year. The 2013 lineup is unlike any other, with particular excitement surrounding the Patch’s debut of its preschool line of toys, which was created to inspire – and pay homage to – children’s sense of wonder.

A few highlights:

Mirari™: Giving children stimulating, quality toys at a young age provides them with the tools they need to grow, thrive, and learn. Through play, children explore their world and experience wonder and fulfillment, opening a world of possibilities. Knowing this, Patch created a line of preschool toys named Mirari, from the Latin word “wonder.” Watch the video here:

Planet Sock Monkey™:
Planet Sock Monkey is a daring new soft doll line that explores self-expression through a variety of bold characters. This collectible line makes no apologies, daring to go where no monkey has gone before. Each 10" knit sock monkey comes dressed in a signature style and features a unique accessory. These characters are only available for a limited time, but don’t worry; more characters will arrive to take their place.

Did you know: the tiny dots on a die are called pips! Each die in Shizzle has six different colors of pips, and each die has a face with each of the six ranks. This unlocks a world of color- and number-matching possibilities! The goal in Shizzle is to create a line of color or number matches that will score big or make others lose big!

Go Oink! ™:
In Patch’s new children’s card game Go Oink!, being silly will take you far. You’ll go oink – and you’ll also go moo and cock-a-doodle-doo! Make the sound of the animal pictured on your card to ask other players if they have your matches; it’s like Go Fish but a little sillier and louder! If you enjoy acting like an animal, you’ll go wild over this card game!

Farkle Around™:
This whirlwind game of dice and cards may leave your head spinning, but not before the last dice fill the card! Roll the dice and match them to what’s shown on the designated card. If you Farkle, you pass the dice cup to the next player and try again when either of the game’s two dice cups comes back your way. Your only goal: be the one to fill up one side of the card in play to win those points!

Odd Jobs™:
In Odd Jobs, you will encounter hilarious, wacky, over-the-top jobs! One player is the “client,” choosing a card and reading aloud the job. All other players use their business cards, selecting the best one for the job, and telling the client why they should be hired. Sometimes the silly names and witty taglines sell themselves, sometimes you may want to act the part and boast about your imaginary skills!

Chain Letters™:
Remember the fun of linking monkeys and hooking them together to form as long of a chain as possible? In Chain Letters, the linkable play pieces are letters! Find the letters you need to make your chosen word and hook them together without dropping your chain! Liveliness and skill combine to make Chain Letters a unique word game that the whole family will enjoy.

Flash & Furious™:
Flash & Furious is the game where everyone must think on their feet at lightning speed. Up to four players are assigned a color, and a flash of light in your color signals the beginning – and the end – of your turn! Answer a question from the unpredictable flashing timer before your light changes and your turn is over!

For more information on Patch Products and these great new items, visit or call 1-800-524-4263.

Patch Products is a family-owned company, leading the toy industry in design, manufacturing and marketing of games, children’s puzzles, preschool toys, creative activities and teaching tools. Since 1985, Patch has developed high-quality, award-winning products that enrich lives by providing fun and interaction. Top-selling brands include Buzzword®, Farkle, What’s Yours Like?®, 5 Second Rule®, Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere™, 3D Sneaky Puzzles®, Smethport™, Lauri®, Tall-Stacker™ and Wooly Willy®. As its presence grows, Patch continues to focus on innovation in building brands and creating new categories.