Parents want their children to play and learn without being overwhelmed. Familiar play patterns that have proven educational and entertaining are ideal, and toys with a little something different makes them extra-special. Mirari adds nothing unnecessary, so that children can experience play the way it should be.

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Ages 12M+

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The familiar play pattern: Emulating mommy and daddy! Much like toy keys, toy phones, toy kitchen sets…myPad™ feeds children’s desire to be like mom and dad!

The difference: It’s up-to-date! Tablets are the new “toy,” so now small children can have their very own! And myPad features 40 sounds and phrases to entertain and educate young minds!

Zig-Zag Xylo Trainhttp://patchproducts.cust.shopatron.com/img/7945_ZZXylo_pkg.jpg

Ages 18M+

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The familiar play pattern: A pull-along toy and a musical xylophone!

The difference: Zig-Zag Xylo™ Train is two toys in one! The train easily folds up to become a xylophone.


Busy Buddy™

Ages 9M+

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The familiar play pattern: Rotating gears with color matching and shape sorting.

The difference: Busy Buddy™ is an adorable puppy! When children rotate the knob on the pup’s belly, he blinks his eyes and wiggles his ears! It adds a little personality and charm to a developmental toy.

http://patchproducts.cust.shopatron.com/img/P7942_PPiano_Cont.jpgPop! Pop! Piano™

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Ages 12M+

The familiar play pattern: Musical piano play.

The difference: When children press a key on the Pop! Pop! Piano™, a star pops up in the clear arch for added visual stimulation and encouragement. Remove the arch and allow children to catch the shooting stars! Also, when a switch is flipped, children can hear silly sounds instead of standard piano notes when they keys are pressed.


Roll & Return Ball

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Ages 6M+

The familiar play pattern: Rolling a ball…children have a ball with balls!

The difference: The Roll & Return Ball™ is clear, with a cute penguin that stays upright when rolled. And, much like the name suggests, the ball will roll back to you when that feature is activated by parents.


Wee Keys™

Ages 6M+

The familiar play pattern: Playing with items like mommy and daddy have.

The difference: Wee Keys™ has the familiar lights and sounds, but also has the additional feature of tactile sensation. Each key has a different textured pattern children can explore.