Welcome to Blunderville

Billy BlunderWelcome to Blunderville, where manners are key...I'm sure you'll agree!

Go on a manners adventure with the colorful Blunders® board game, trying to help your Blunder kid be the first to learn enough good behavior to be invited to the Mannerlys’ Annual Pool Party Extravaganza! Also available is the card game where kids and adults will have fun doing silly things like tongue twisters, and learning fun facts about where some mannerly behaviors came from! Use the Manner Mats™  or Preschool Manner Mats™ at home or while eating out to keep kids occupied, and teach table manners and social skills using entertaining games, puzzles and activities!

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Let’s Meet the Blunders!

Brenda BlunderThe Blunder kids are lacking manners and etiquette know-how, but they really do want to do better. Get to know Billy, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder!

Check out a sample of the fun questions you’ll encounter in the games!
Aimee Symington

Who Invented the Blunders?
Aimee Symington, Children’s Etiquette Expert and CEO of Successful Kids, Inc., created the Blunders games and Manner Mats. Read her story here and see her here.

Good Manners Win Awards!

The Blunders board game has won several great awards…check them out!

Blunders at School

Blunders is a great classroom tool! Take a break from teaching math and spelling, and teach good behavior while kids think they’re playing! You can also print a free certificate and weekly manners checklist!

Bobby BlunderEasy Manners Tips

Looking for some easy tips on teaching kids manners? Etiquette Expert Aimee Symington talks about five easy steps to good manners education. Click here to read Aimee's blog.

Watch and Learn

Etiquette Expert Aimee Symington has many videos to help guide parents and educators on teaching manners, why good manners are important, and so much more! Check them out now!

Manner Mats Out to EatBecky Blunder

Would you like to have Manners Mats for your restaurant? Well, you can! They’re a great way to keep kids occupied and parents stress-free so everyone enjoys their meal. Now available in a Preschool version.

Want More Hands-On Training?

Aimee Symington offers etiquette training through workshops and speaking engagements. Visit her site to contact her for more information!

Your Blunders

How do you use Blunders? Is it a fun way to spend a rainy day with family? A great way to teach lessons? Let us know; we’d love to hear from you!