Toss Up!®


Winner of “Fun Stuff Award” from Parents’ Choice Foundation

-Judges at Parents’ Choice Foundation

“This combination luck and strategy game encourages social interaction and math skills.”

-Toy Tips & Parenting Hints magazine

Selected as a “Best Vacation Children’s Product for 2004”
“This is a fun game of dice that will help your children to build self-confidence while improving their strategy.”

-Dr. Stevanne Auerbach (Dr. Toy)

“The fun—and sometimes the folly—is in the risk taking: stop and keep the points you have or go for a higher payoff. I admit I’ve tried to roll 100 points in a single round, only to lose it all (much to the glee of my boys).”

-Family Fun magazine

“Kids like that this was a game that kids and parents could play together, and that it was portable and cheap.”

-Washington Post

“My 4 kids can't get enough of it. We played it for 4 days straight!”

-Ziegelski Family

“It's exciting; you get butterflies in your stomach. It's one of the best games we've played in our lives.”

-Girl Scout Troop 1224

“We really like this game! When a girl is down to one last dice we all chant, ‘Red, red, red…!’”

-Girl Scout Troop 576

“Easy to learn; quick to play. Very small and portable; you can play it anywhere. Toss Up! fits easily into pocket or purse.”

-Girl Scout Troop 1327

“They had a blast! Lots of screaming and laughing. They all actually rated it as 11 [on a scale of 1-10]!”

-Girl Scout Troop 5


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