Tall-Stacker™ Mighty Monkey® Playset


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TDMonthly Seal of Approval for Construction/Play Sets

Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, in the Playsets Category

What The Stuff Toy Reviews 5-Star Rating

Tillywig Brain Child Award

Received an outstanding Able Play rating from the National Lekotek Center for having cognitive and communicative qualities for children with special needs

I think it really does lend itself to having children build something that will work for them.   Thus, a so-so builder can do their thing and then build pretend themes around it while a die-hard builder will challenge himself to do something wild before starting to act out a scene.  The verdict?  The open-endedness and lighthearted attitude that characterizes this set gives kids the freedom to explore. 

-Jenn Choi with toysaretools.com

Jude’s favorite features of the Mighty Monkey Playset is the tree house and  slide. He loves to build a tall slide for the little monkeys to ride down in their little cart. He also likes to see how high he can stack the pegs. I like that there are no batteries required and no lights, sounds or other distracting features.

-Jessica Lieb with thebkeepsushonest.com

We've had this toy for a while now because I do like to hang onto things and get a fair amount of time with them before telling you about them and I have to say that at least once a week Kayla asks to bring this out and then plays with it for a good 30-45 minutes which is significant for a preschooler. I like that it keeps changing and becoming new to her because of the variety of elements to it, and that it challenges her to figure out how to make things work - like adjusting the height of the treehouse to make the slide function properly.  Basically, it's shockingly awesome!

-Jillian Warner at mommytesters.com

This is a high quality product from "Lauri." It is easy to use and encourages creativity in youngsters. Our focus group and their teacher were extremely excited about the "Tall-Stacker Might Monkey Playset."

-RJ Cullen at Toysbulletin.com

“Nearly every morning, my son wakes up and asks if he can play a video game.  The morning after setting up the mighty monkeys, he woke up and asked if he could play with the monkey playset.”

-Jason Toupence at onezilliongames.com

“This pegged playset gives children the freedom to fully express imagination and creativity. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' approach to using the more than 50 pieces to build and explore. And yet, the way the pieces are constructed and interconnect continually suggests a logical framework for that freedom, thus promoting spatial awareness, color recognition, even critical thinking, during play. The green pegboard has 100 holes in it, and each of the colored Tall-Stacker and Mighty Monkey pegs has a hole of its own to build upon, leading to infinite possibilities. Monkey figurines become active inhabitants of the play-land under construction, and the slide, elevator, wheel cart, and swing bring added elements of action and motion to the mix. The instructions include suggested activities and numerous outstanding questions to pose to children that will enhance their understanding of choices made while playing and building. And it all packs up neatly in the handy storage box when finished!”

- Tillywig Award Review



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