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Parents’ Choice Approved - Tales to Play The Little Engine That Could

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Parents’ Choice Recommended Product Award

Creative Child Game of the Year, in the Kids Games - Learning to Share category for Berenstain Bears® Learn to Share™ Game 

"Patch Products took good care to correlate the games with the stories that they are designed after. I have found in the past that many branded games are often rather generic, with the popular character of the day’s face on them, but not much to do with the movie, show or story found in the game play. These games are carefully thought out, age appropriate, and easy to play."

-Catherine Schembri of ourvillageisalittledifferent.blogspot.com

“Not only is this game wholesome, but it is very well made and cute. The game pieces are actual figurines that could be mistaken for collectibles, and there are no arguments about cheating while rolling the dice, because you drop it through Brother and Sister Bear's treehouse. To top it off, all of the game pieces fit nicely in a plastic insert for the box, so clean-up and storage is a breeze. The thought that went into the design of this game is refreshing. The quote on the box says "Love the book, now live the game!", and I certainly hope all of us will learn to live the simple life lessons portrayed in this excellently designed game.”

-Parents’ Choice Foundation

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