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“I really liked the idea of having a puzzle that “does more”. After we put the puzzle together there was another activity (finding the letters/numbers) with the 3D glasses. Often you put a puzzle together and that’s the end of that activity-this puzzle provided more entertainment than a regular puzzle.”  -iParenting evaluator

“The puzzle is instantly appealing from the get go with a great package featuring bright, eye catching colors. This was just a preview of what was inside, a puzzle that draws kids to it, using vivid colors and big, easy to handle pieces. When the puzzle is assembled the 3D fun begins when you put on the included glasses. There are hidden numbers and letters which children loved hunting for and that made the puzzle last far beyond just the assembly.”  -The National Parenting Center

“Singin' Sea Creatures has an absolutely awesome amount of visual appeal!  First off, the puzzle itself, is enormous, bright and colorful.  It will definitely draw your kids in!  Add in the seek and find aspect of the numbers and letters, and the 3D glasses and images and we couldn't even think of what else to ask for in this awesome design!”  -What’s the Stuff Toy Review

“This 3D floor puzzle consists of 46 large and colorful puzzle pieces that pop to 3D with the included plastic glasses. If you happen to take a closer look, you will be able to see hidden letters of the alphabet and numbers submerged in the bright oceanic image. All the kids who played with it found it fun to solve and awesome to put together!”  -Good Housekeeping Magazine

“In the first hour after we opened the puzzle my daughter put it together twice. Now she is finding the ABCs & 123s. Love It!”  -Amy Thue, Unforgettable Childhood Blog

“When I was teaching Preschool I loved doing giant floor puzzles with my class. It was a great way for us to all work together and finish something big as a group. I have missed doing Giant Floor Puzzles and was thinking how my daughter would enjoy working on one. I found Patch Products and saw there 3D Sneaky Puzzle and knew it was perfect. I never had a puzzle that exciting for my class. Well we got the puzzle and I was ready to work on it with Kaia when her Grannie Annie came by for a visit. Well Kaia decided right then and there she was going to finish this HUMONGUS floor puzzle all on her own. And around 1 hour and 15 minutes later she did! She actually sat there the whole time and worked on the puzzle it was amazing and she was so proud of herself. She loved the 3D hidden letters and numbers she thought it was magic!”  -Debra Lowrey, Familylicious Reviews

“The theme of the 3D puzzle is Singin’ Sea Creatures. There’s fish, an octopus and a lobster, among other sea folk, in chunky graphics that Malakai loved. When we put everything together, he put on the glasses and stood looking at the puzzle for ages. He stood on it and touched the fishes with his fingers. I think he thought maybe they came out of the puzzle. The awesome thing about the 3D glasses, besides the obvious, is that it’s really kid-friendly. It’s not too fragile, so kids can grab it and shove it on their faces without parents worrying about them hurting themselves. Malakai had a ball finding the letters and numbers.”  -Tabitha St. Bernard, Ladyandtheblog Reviews

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Sneaky Puzzles® A Day at the Zoo™

Toy Tips – Received a Toy Tips rating of “A” and a Fun rating of “B+.”  The Toy Tips rating is based on Physical Skills, Thinking Skills, Emotional Development and Social Skills.


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