Often the first thing that gets misplaced from a board game is the instructions! That's why we offer Patch game rules that can be printed from your computer.

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Party Games

5 Second Rule®

5 Second Rule®Jr.



Flash & Furious®

Jeff Foxworthy's™ You Might Be a Redneck If...™

Know It or Blow It®

Love It! Hate It!®


Odd Jobs

The Game of Things...®

The Game of Things...® 10th Anniversary Edition

What's Yours Like?®

The Game of THINGS...® Travel /Expansion Pack


 Family Games

100 Wacky Things™

Buzzword® Junior

Chain Letters

Giant Spoons

Imperial® Chess



 Strategy Games

Stratego® Battle Cards

Stratego® Conquest

Stratego® Master's Edition

Stratego® Original

Stratego® Sci-Fi

Stratego® Waterloo 

 Kids's Games

Chrono Bomb™


Cheese Dip
Cheese Dip™Letter Count 

Clifford You're Invited!™ Game

Chicks Go Boom™

Don't Rock The Boat™

Flingin' Frogs™

Flying Kung Fu Frogs™

Sparky ™

Spurtle Turtle™

Super Shooter Basketball™

Super Shooter Basketball™ Court

Yeti in My Spaghetti

Tales to Play

The Berenstain Bears® Learn to Share™ Game

Clifford Be a Good Friend Game

The Mother Goose Game



Patch Logo 




Cards & Dice

100 Wacky Things®

Clifford Pair-Up™

Crazy Eights


Farkle Around

Farkle Flip™

Farkle Flip™ Video Rules

Farkle Frenzy®

Farkle Frenzy™ Video Rules

Farkle Nano

Go Ape!®

Go Oink!™

Go Fish!


Old Maid


Shizzle™ Twist & Tumble Dice Game

Shizzle™ Twist & Tumble Dice Game Video Rules™

Slap Dragon™



Stack Attack 

Stinky Pig™


Toss Up!®

Toss Up!® Twist & Tumble Dice Game™


Word Shout® 


Sneaky Puzzles® Keys

3D Lightning Bugs All Around™

3D Midnight Safari™

3D Singin' Sea Creatures™

A Day on the Farm™

A Day at the Zoo™

Clifford the Big Red Dog®

Dinosaur Land™


Enchanted Kingdom™

My First Sneaky - Farming Fun™

My First Sneaky - Let's Visit the Zoo!™


Wood WorX™

Wood WorX™ Jet Fighter Kit

Wood WorX™ Jewelry Box Kit

Wood WorX™ Jewelry Stand Kit

Wood WorX™ Monster Truck Kit

Wood WorX™ Racing Car Kit

Wood WorX™ Stationary Holder Kit

Wood WorX™ Street Car Kit

Wood WorX™ Track Car Kit

Wood WorX™ T-Rex Dinosaur Kit


Alarm Clocks & Night-Lights

OK! to Wake!™ Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Teach Me Time!™ Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light









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