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100 Wacky Things; 3D Floor Puzzle; 5 Second Rule; A Day at the Zoo; A Day on the Farm; A to Z Puzzles; A Twist on the Classic Four-in-a-Row Game; Alphabet Avalanche; Alphabet Puzzle Boards; A-Z Pegboard Set; a-z Pegboard Set; Balance Yer Mateys or Overboard Ye Go!; Banana-pult; Battle for Mars; BeFOUR You Know; Big Deal; Big Little Games; Big-Little Pegboard; Bouncy Bop; Buddy Beagle; Busy Buddy; Buzzword; Carnival Toss; Chain Letters; Chicks Go Boom; Chick Treats; Choc-o-Bunny; Classroom Management; Cool Ghoul; Cool Rides; Create-A-Scene; Cupcake Topper; Design ‘N’ Doodle; Din-O-Flip; Dinosaur Land; Doodle Balls; Don’t Rock the Boat; Dot-2-Dot Lacing; Early Learning Center; Easter Egg Hunt; Easter Egg-tivities; Easter Goodies; Eaton Dedd; Egg o’ Bunnies; Egg Pal; Eggs in a Basket; Elfred Elf; Emergency!; Enchanted Kingdom; Familiar Things; Farkle Around; Farkle Flip; Farkle Frenzy; Farkle Nano; Farming Fun; Fashion Spotlight; Feeding Zoo; Fit-A-Shape; Fit-A-Space; Flash & Furious; Flingin’ Frogs; Flying Kung Fu Frogs; Freaky Frankie; Fun with Magnets; Funny Bugs; Go Ape!; Go Fishing; Go Oink!; Hair-Do Harriet; Halloween Hunt; Help Wanted: Apply Within; Hey Batter Batter; Hooey; Hoppity Harey; Ima Bananerd; Imperial; Know It or Blow It!; Just Spit it Out!; Lace & Link; Lace-A-Doll; Lace-A-Pet; Lace-A-Puppet; Lacing & Learning; Lacing & Tracing; Lauri; Learn to Share; Let’s Visit the Zoo; Lightning Bugs All Around; Lil’ Duckie; Little Cuties; Locktagons; Long Sock Silver; Love It! Hate It!; Love the Book…Live the Game; Magenta Beetsch; Magnetic Amusement Park; Magnetic Beach; Magnetic Bugs; Magnetic Building Site; Magnetic Color & Shape Bingo; Magnetic Construction Site; Magnetic Dinosaurs; Magnetic Dinosaurs II; Magnetic Dollhouse; Magnetic Doodle Balls; Magnetic Enchanted Kingdom; Magnetic Fairies; Magnetic Farm; Magnetic Firefighters; Magnetic Fun with Letters; Magnetic Noah’s Ark; Magnetic Ocean Adventure; Magnetic On the Go; Magnetic Personalities; Magnetic Pet Shop; Magnetic Pirate Adventure; Magnetic Playhouse; Magnetic Rain Forest; Magnetic Schoolroom; Magnetic Solar System; Magnetic Town; Magnetic Trains; Magnetic Travel Bingo; Magnetic USA Puzzle; Magnetic Wizards; Magnetic Zoo; Make-A-Christmas Stocking; Malarky; Midnight Safari; Mighty Monkey; Mirari; Mix & Match; M.O.N.K.; Monkey Up; myPad; Number Express; Number Play; Number Ring Counter; Odd Jobs; Pass him fast…it’s a gas!; Patch; Patch Pals; Peek-a-Boo Puzzles; Peel & Stick; Phonics Center; Phonic Strips; Planet Sock Monkey; Pop! Pop! Piano; Primer Pak; Puzzle and Play Set; PuzzlePatch; Race, Match, Roll!; Rats!; Revere; Robo-struct; Roll It, Find It, Say It, Take It!; Roll & Return Ball; Roll-It Tic-Tac-Toe; Runway Model; Say It to Play It; See-Inside; See-the-Difference; Shape & Color Sorter; Shizzle; Silly Egghead; Silly Zoo; Sing-Along; Singin’ Sea Creatures; Slap Dragon; Smart Shapes; Smethport; Snackula’s Treats; Sneaky Puzzles; Spit!; Spurtle Turtle; Star Harmonkey; Stinky Pig; Stir ’em Up!; Stringing Pegs & Pegboard Set; Super Shooter Basketball; SWAP!; Swift Swappin' Switchin' Slappin'; Swivel; Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere; Tales to Play; Talking Teeth; Tall-Stacker; Tangrams Plus; The Addictive Game that Buzzes Your Brain; The addictively dicey dice game!; The Family Game of Acting Funny!; The Flipping & Switching Word Game; The Game of Believable Answers; The Game that Fuzzes Your Memory and Buzzes Your Brain for Kids; The Game that Tells It Like It Is; The Game that's Full of Bulloney!; The Hilarious Game of Know & Tell; The Mind Your Manners Game; The Race-to-the-Top Dice-Rolling Game; The Wonder of Play; The Word Game with a Hook; Think Fast or be Flashed; Tiny Tins; Toddler Tote; Toss ‘em Fast Before They Blast; Toss Up!; Tracing Puzzles; Twist & Tumble; Wacky Witch; Wanted Poster; Wee Keys; What's Yours Like?; Why Go Fish When You Can…Go Ape!; Why Go Fish When You Can…Go Oink!; Wild Wheels; Witch’s Potion; Wooly Willy; Word Shout; Yakity-Yak; You Have To Do While Playing This Game; Yowza and Zig-Zag Xylo are trademarks of Patch Products, Inc.

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