Mirari The Way Play Should Be

Children deserve engaging and entertaining toys without unnecessary features to
overwhelm them, and that's what Mirari gives them-- playtime that is pure in its
experience, with no added distrations that take away from the magic of play. Mirari,
from the Latin word for "wonder" and "amaze", delights children with classic play in an
innovative way with stimulating, quality toys that provide children with the tools they 
need to grow, thrive and learn. Through play, children explore their world and
experience wonder and fullfillment, opening a world of possibilities. The Mirari brand
of toys embraces this, bringing joy to children and families, because a world of
wonder begins with playful discoveries. 


Parents want their children to play and learn without being overwhelmed. Familiar play patterns that have proven educational and entertaining are ideal, and toys with a little something different makes them extra-special. Mirari adds nothing unnecessary, so that children can experience play the way it should be.

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Flip Flop™ Blocks

Ages 12M+
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The familiar play pattern: Playing with wooden blocks.
The difference: Each block represents a letter, and inside each clear block is a suspended letter or character that begins with that letter! Hidden magnets in the adorable characters or letters dangling inside the clear 2" blocks allow each one to interact, jiggling and wiggling as they come to life! Use the magical wand to wave over the blocks and watch them move even more!

Mirari Bouncy Bop

Bouncy Bop™ Shape Sorter
Ages 12M+

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The familiar play pattern: Sorting shapes and dropping them through holes.

The difference: It’s clear so children see the shapes instead of them getting “lost” inside the usual shape sorters! And the shapes land on a bouncy surface so they go boing! Children can also hit the paddle to make them jump.


Ages 6M+
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Mirari Special Guide to Parents
The familiar play pattern: Emulating mommy and daddy! Much like toy keys, dress-up sets, toy kitchen sets…myPhone feeds children’s desire to be like mom and dad!
The difference: It’s a modern “smartphone,” and it has a magical twist or two: loved ones can record a personalized message for baby on the phone, and can use the remote to activate the ringer and message for baby!

myPad® Touch

Ages 12M+
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The familiar play pattern: Emulating mommy and daddy! Much like toy keys, toy phones, toy kitchen sets…myPad feeds children’s desire to act like grown-ups!
The difference: It’s up-to-date! Tablets are the new “toy,” so now small children can have their very own! And myPad features 40 sounds and phrases to entertain and educate young minds!


Zig-Zag Xylo Train®

Ages 18M+
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The familiar play pattern: A pull-along toy and a musical xylophone!

The difference: Zig-Zag Xylo Train is two toys in one! The train easily folds up to become a xylophone.


Pop Pop Piano

Pop! Pop! Piano®
Ages 12M+
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The familiar play pattern: Musical piano play.
The difference: When children press a key on the Pop! Pop! Piano, a star pops up in the clear arch for added visual stimulation and encouragement.
 Also, when a switch is flipped, children can hear silly sounds instead of standard piano notes when they keys are pressed.

Roll & Return Ball™
Ages 6M+
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The familiar play pattern: Rolling a ball…children have a ball with balls!
The difference: The Roll & Return Ball is clear, with a cute penguin that stays upright when rolled. And, much like the name suggests, the ball will roll back to you when that feature is activated by parents.
Wee Keys

Wee Keys®
Ages 6M+
The familiar play pattern: Playing with items like mommy and daddy have.
The difference: Wee Keys has the familiar lights and sounds, but also has the additional feature of tactile sensation. Each key has a different textured pattern children can explore.



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When toddlers play, their experiences should be filled with discovery, delight and magic. Imagine a child’s face the moment they discover their belly button, jump in a pile of leaves, notice a butterfly in the yard, or simply see mom’s face after a peaceful nap…Mirari® toys capture that same type of joy and wonder to give children a special playtime experience. Share your moments of joy and wonder with pictures, stories or videos! #MyMirariMoment