Good Housekeeping - Number 1 Game of the Year

Games Magazine - Listed in Buyer's Guide to Games

Zillions - Consumer Reports for Kids - Great review

National Association for Gifted Children - Holiday Educational Toy List

FamilyFun Magazine - Toy of the Year Award finalist for Games ages 10-12

LifeWorks - Real Life Award

National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) - Honors Award

Major Fun Award

"Malarky, a game from Patch Products, is one of the best bluffing party games I've seen, because it involves interesting and obscure facts and a highly psychological bluffing mechanic." 

-Bayard Catron of the DC Area Game Night Meetup Group

“You’re always involved, either coming up with a bluff or giving the real answer in your own words. You have to be creative and think fast. And since you decide the number of rounds, the games never to short or too long.”  

- Zillions Magazine

“Kids found another good game called, Malarky. You don’t have to know the true answer, just fool your opponents. Kids said it was hard to keep a straight face.”  

- Consumer Reports


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