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Welcome to Farkleland, where you will see all things Farkle...

Here at Patch, we love Farkle. We are Farkle Fanatics, and we just cannot stop having fun with Farkle! We’ve got our original Farkle in the famous burgundy box, our Farkle full-size dice cups, the awesome Farkle Frenzy®, the never-been-done-before Farkle Flip
card game, our Farkle app, Farkle lesson plan and our newest and greatest Farkle Around and Farkle Nano keychain game! And if you need a scoring pad, we've got Farkle Score Sheets! We Farkle around every day to bring you the best of this popular game! How often do you Farkle?

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Watch Farkle Fanatics Farkle around with Farkle Frenzy!
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Wanna learn how to play Farkle Frenzy? Well, you can watch these video rules for a quick explanation to get you on your Farkle way! small video image

Farkle just got carded! We created a whole new way to Farkle - with cards instead of dice! Watch these video rules to see how Farkle Flip is played. small video image

 How do you play Farkle? Are you a mad Farkler, a sly Farkler, a calculating Farkler, etc.? Send us your stories or videos! Email patch@patchproducts.com or call 1-800-524-4263.

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Let’s make Friday a Farkle day…Farkle Friday! Play a game at lunch at work or school, play with the family when you get home, or invite friends over for an evening of farkling! Get it started and let us know how you enjoy Farkle Friday! Email patch@patchproducts.com or call 1-800-524-4263.

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