Farkle Frenzy®


National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Award

WTS Toy Review (What's the Stuff review) 5-star certified

Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff Award

Creative Child Seal of Excellence, in the Kids Dice Games category

“Tweens and teenagers enjoyed playing, and parents liked that it's easy to learn and well-constructed.”

-Parents’ Choice Foundation

"Farkle is not a new game, but Patch has given it a fresh new twist and design that is both eye-catching and fun to play. Very easy to learn, anyone can play as long as they understand basic addition. There is quite a bit of counting and adding involved which parents viewed as a good thing. There is also a very healthy dose of strategy and luck, ingredients that always seem to be present in the best games. Parents told us that they enjoyed playing with their kids as the playing field is very even for all ages and that they all enjoy the fast, fun times they had playing."

-National Parenting Center

"Oh Farkle – we didn’t think you could get any more fun – but the Patch Products team kept their brains working and they actually came up with a way to improve on their fantastic game! Once you master (or at least understand) the concepts behind Farkle, you’ll be able to take your play to a whole new level with Farkle Frenzy! The game is durable, and will last. The new design is super-cool, and your kids will definitely be drawn to it. Add in that Farkle Frenzy is priced well and actually improves on the original Farkle concept and we are talking about one serious game. If you’ve been searching for a game to add into your family game night rotation – search no further – Farkle Frenzy is it!"

-What's the stuff toy review evaluators (read more)


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