Farkle Flip™


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Dr. Toy Vacation Award

“So does this game measure up? Very much so. If you’re a fan of the classic game of Farkle and want some variations on game play—or if you just enjoy a good card game—then Farkle Flip is a worthy addition to your arsenal of go-to card games, whether you’re at home or on the road.”

-Laura Scott with nightsandweekends.com

“Farkle Flip successfully makes the transition from a classic dice game to a card game. So successfully that the game is far better with cards than with dice.”

-Major Fun, Bernie DeKoven

"Patch Products has done it again – they’ve struck gold with a Farkle! Well – I guess it would be more appropriate for us to say that they earned 5 stars again for another Farkle! Yes, the first time your kids take a run at Farkle Flip there is going to be a learning curve, a period of adjustment, as they learn the ins and outs on the game play itself. But once they have that figured out, the fast-paced fun begins. No durability issues, no pricing issues. Farkle Flip is a special, original take on a game that your children already know and love. Now they can love Farkle even a bit more thanks to Patch Products and their awesome new card game Farkle Flip!"

-What the Stuff Toy Review

"It was fun to see the impact on the game when a "Farkle" card was drawn. Players laughed, screamed and nearly cried, as the pesky "Farkle" card halted their progress in the game and cost them several high scoring opportunities. The fun factor was incredibly high throughout the evening, as several of the games were extremely close. The losing players all wanted a rematch and vowed to do much better the next time around."


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