Buzzword® Junior

2009-06-08 - A+ Award Winner

Winner of Learning magazine's Teachers' Choice Award for the Family

Parents magazine's Best Toys Awards

Creative Child magazine's Preferred Choice Award

Dr. Toy's Best New Products Picks

Toy Tips "A" rating - Received a Toy Tips rating of "A" and a Fun rating of "A". The Toy Tips rating is based on Physical Skills, Thinking Skills, Emotional Development and Social Skills.

“I would highly recommend this product...It is a wonderful educational game. I am going to recommend it to my Language Arts teacher to use in her class as a vocabulary and word meaning builder for her sixth-graders.”

-Learning magazine game reviewer 

Add a little excitement to Family Game Night with this fast-paced quizzer that tests your team's vocabulary.

-Parents magazine

“With clues for all ages, Buzzword Junior is the perfect family game.”

-Dr. Toy review

“Game play enhances reading skills, concentration, strategic thinking an social interaction. The clues give the children a feeling of comfort and confidence, and we found the game to be very age appropriate. ... Ideal as a classroom tool.”

-Toy Tips review

Buzzword Junior is a good choice for parents who want to introduce young children to the concept of teamwork while operating in a fun environment. Plus, this game will help kids to think on their feet quickly while strengthening their memory retention and reading skills.”

“Grab your whole family to play Buzzword Junior, and you will end up laughing hysterically. For kids ages 4 and up, Buzzword is a vocabulary blast!”

-Atlanta Parent magazine

“Based on the top-selling Buzzword game, Buzzword Junior is played in teams, which makes it a perfect family game. Young children might know some answers, and their parents might know others. Everyone learns while having fun.”

-Baton Rouge Parents magazine


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