Blunders® Board Game

Mom's Choice Gold Award

5 Star rating from What's The Stuff Toy Review

The Today Show “Favorite Thing”

Creative Child – Game of the Year award

Creative Child – Preferred Choice award

Dr. Toy – Best Vacation Product

iParenting Media Award

The National Parenting Center – Seal of Approval

Mr. Dad – Seal of Approval

Toy Man – eChoice Award, Seal of Approval, Award of Excellence

“Many might think learning manners and proper etiquette isn't meant to be fun. Those thinking that have more than manners to learn, though, as two products I recently received for review from Patch Products teach kids manners in fun new ways.” (read more)

“For many kids, manners isn’t something they were ever even asked to think about, let alone practice on a day to day basis. As your children grow into young adults, good manners can help take them far. Blunders is easy to play and certainly durable. It is all original and super-functional. With a few rounds of Blunders your kids will be taking strides down the road towards a polite, respectful life!”  - What's The Stuff Toy Reviewer evaluator

Blunders® Manner Mats

Creative Child Seal of Excellence Award, in the Kids Products Category

National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Dr. Toy – Best Product

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