Big Little Games™

FamilyFun Magazine May 2015
The Top 10 Classic Toys
Flingin' Frogs™

Current Fave: “The frenzied action of Flingin' Frogs ensures there are lots of guffaws to go with the gamesmanship. Players flick their frogs in the air, trying to land them for points on the lily pads.”

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Flingin' Frogs™

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FamilyFun Top 10 Birthday Gifts
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal – Best Toy Award
Parents' Choice Funstuff Award

Spurtle Turtle™
What The Stuff 5-Star Rating

Super Shooter Basketball™
What The Stuff 5-Star Rating

“The Big Little Games line of games are simple, inexpensive, durable and ready to go in a pinch. I would recommend them for your 4-9 year old or as a great gift on your way to a birthday party.”


- One Zillion Games

Big Little Game's Flingin' Frogs is pretty challenging, but pretty fun as well. It is a simple idea, and is well packaged and well constructed and I like that the pieces all store right inside the container. With a messy play room, this feature is a must.

- Parents' Choice Reviewer

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