5 Second Rule®


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Great Family Game!
A Mom -"Oh man, this is a great game. It goes FAST and you have to be on your toes!"

Marjory Frazier - 
"So much fun! So many laughs! Great purchase. I highly recommend this for any party game folks. <3"

Kristina M Perkins - "Really fun and intense game!
We all found ourselves going blank at times on the easiest ones!
There were some really easy ones and a few more difficult.
Overall, even though nerve wrecking at times, we had a great time playing!"

Kendra Griffith - 
"This game is much harder than it sounds. We played with my in-laws and we all had a great time.
I would recommend it to anyone hunting for something new and fun to play."

Lots of fun!
RB13 - "Fun game for everyone. Great ice breaker, too."

Bruna -  
"My students love this game. Even us teachers use it while on break. =)"

Honorable Mention in the National Association for Gifted Children’s (NAGC) Recommended Toy List

Nominee for Game of the Year from the Toy Industry Association’s 2011 Toy of the Year Awards (TOTY)

Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Product Winner

FamilyFun Boredom Buster Award

iParenting Media Awards Outstanding Products

The National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval

That's the core of what can make the game funny; the intense (though not unpleasant) time pressure of the five-second timer (a fun and unique spiral tube with a "zoop!" sound effect and ball bearings that roll from top to bottom in about five seconds) can cause uninhibited players to come out with answers that are by turns clever, creative, outrageous or just plan ridiculous.

-Bayard Catron of the DC Area Game Night Meetup Group

“The game is interesting, fast-paced and the kids loved the whimsical and original timer. The kids laughed a lot while listening to people sputter, or look like a deer in the headlights, when they couldn’t think of words fast enough.”

-iParenting evaluator

“This was such a fun game to play. It is very intimidating to look at the timer and try to answer in 5 seconds. It makes the competition exciting, and challenging. This game is really great, because it is not difficult to understand. Testing how quickly you can come up with answers was fun. It provided lots of laughter and funny, interesting conversation with friends.”

-iParenting evaluator

“Here is a game that is so deceptively challenging that we guarantee that even with this warning you will open it up and expect to be a master at it. And then we will have the last laugh as your brain goes into lock-down mode trying to blurt out answers to easy questions as the timer races down. It is the pressure of time and accessing those neurons that makes this so challenging and a blast to play. You will laugh and groan as you play. This is a great family game that testers believed would be played again and again.”

-The National Parenting Center

This addictive game challenges players to name three items in one of 576 categories (superheroes, spices, deodorants, and so on) within the title’s timeframe. With the pressure of a timer, tripping over your tongue — or naming something completely unrelated — is hilariously inevitable.”

-Disney FamilyFun Magazine

Talk about FUN! Our family has been having a blast playing 5 Second Rule on game nights. It's especially fun after winding down from a long day at work or a long day outside in 90+ degree weather. You're body is tired and believe me when I say your brain is tired too. It's so much fun that you'll want to bring in the neighbors! We had a group of 6 playing and we couldn't stop laughing. I'd like to thank Patch Products, Inc. for coming out with a new game that brings the family and friends together. We need more of these games because laughter and fun help us relax. Everyone needs to laugh once in a while and this game will have you doing it all night long!”

-Chris Simon, Freebies and Much More Blog

It is a very "quick-witted" game. The timer is a crack up! The little balls twist down the timer and when the time is up and you turn over the timer it makes a "zoop" sound. The sounds reminds me of the "giggle stick" of the 80s. The timer is distracting, which is part of the fun of the game. I couldn't stop watching the timer while trying to SHOUT OUT my 3 answers. When we played with the almost 16 year olds (you know the ones who think that they know everything) it was a total crack up watching them struggle to answer the questions quickly! Half the fun was watching them try and answer the questions in 5 seconds.”

-Susan Buetow, Cafescrapper-Scrapsoflife blog

“This game is so much fun! You really think it will be easy to answer the questions but when the question is asked it is almost like you have a brain lock-up. This really was a great way to spend time with the kids and have fun as well. I found this game really exciting and addicting to play. This is a great addition to any Holiday Shopping list for those older, hard to buy for kids. They are sure to have a blast with this game!"

-Sheri, Miracle Mommas blog

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