David Feldman

Malarky® - David Feldman


David has spent his entire career immersed in popular culture. He received a master’s degree in popular culture at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, where he taught the first-ever college course on soap operas.

He later worked on soap operas, game shows and nighttime programming at NBC-TV in New York.

Then one fateful day, David went grocery shopping. He noticed that every cereal seemed to be exactly 110 calories (Corn Flakes AND Frosted Flakes?) per ounce. A few minutes later, at a diner, David spied on a distinguished looking man trying to open a two-pack of Nabisco Saltines. After struggling with his fingers, the man bit open the package with his teeth. David thought: If they can put a man on the moon, why can’t they make a cracker package you can open with your hands?

On his way home, the word “Imponderables” popped into his head to describe these little mysteries of everyday life that can’t be answered by standard reference books and never seem to be solved. The title of his first book was born, and now there are a total of twelve Imponderables® books.

David doesn’t use books to answer the mysteries sent into him by readers. He tracks down the answers by consulting his database of more than 4,000 experts on everything from pistachio nuts to fly swatters.

A fan of David’s suggested that he create a game based on his book series. Together they developed a prototype. Then in 1997, they met Patch. Together they have created Malarky® , the hilarious game, which takes bluffing to a whole new level of absurd fun.

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