Malarky® The Game of Believable Answers™

Malarky® is filled with life's little mysteries that we sometimes think about but rarely solve. For example,
 why are tennis balls fuzzy? If you can guess the answers, that's great. But if you can make up our own believable answers, that's even better! Remember, you don't need to know the answers to play Malarky. You just need to make people believe that you do!

Below are some sample Malarky questions. We’ve provided two bluff answers
along with the real one.

Can you figure out which is the correct answer?

Could you make up a better bluff?

When McDonald's signs say "Over 95 Billion Served," what does the number refer to? 95 Billion what?

1. The number of beef patties sold. A Big Mac counts as two sold; a filet o' fish counts as zero.
2. The number of customers who have purchased food from McDonald's.
The number of classic cheeseburgers sold since the first McDonald's opened their door.

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