What's Yours Like?®

The Game That Tells It Like It Is.™



Be clever, be witty or be outrageous when describing your swimsuit, neighbor, closet, hair or whatever Guess Word is picked. But, best of all, be creative so you don't reveal the word to the player in the Hot Seat. Get ready for some side-splitting laughs as players answer What's Yours Like?® 

Here are some sample answers, see if you can guess what we are describing:

  • Mine is like Old Mother Hubbard.

  • One is quiet, and the other is noisy.

  • Mine is loud.

  • Mine are too close.

  • I don't know mine.

  • I wish mine were more like me.

  • Mine are helpful.

  • Please enter your answer in the space provided below and click on the "Check Answers" button at the bottom of the page to see how well you did!