Original Wooly Willy®

Wooly Willy is a famous guy with a lot of history. You can find him at toy retailers nationally, he’s all over the internet, he has an iPhone App all his own and he’s a hero in Smethport, PA, where he even has his own annual festival. Everyone loves Wooly Willy. To learn about where Wooly Willy came from, click here.

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Even though Wooly Willy has been around for over 50 years, he still keeps up with the times. You can now find him on an iPhone/iPod Touch App. Download the App to create fun Wooly Willy and Hair-Do Harriet faces. You can even use pictures of your friends and family and “magnetically” draw hair on them!


Willy App Medium (willyappmedium.jpg)

Click on Wooly Willy above to download the App for your iPhone or iPod Touch!