The Addictive Game that Buzzes Your Brain!

In Buzzword, you and your teammates have 45 seconds to
solve a set of ten clues. The catch? Every answer shares a
"buzzword" and the opposing team can steal clues! Give it a try!

Check out the buzzword listed below and then see how quickly
you can answer the five sample clues.


Buzzword =Leave

After you've entered your guesses, click on the "Check Answers"
button at the bottom of the page to see how well you did!



Unsatisfactory; makes me want something better

Look absolutely everywhere

Accept the offer or refuse it; no bargaining

Sitcom starring the Cleaver family


I'll handle it, you can be sure


Go off your rocker

Invite a response; not close the enterance

Don't bug me

Motel 6 promis