Blunders® Board Game

The Blunder kids, like a lot of kids, don't always say or do the polite thing in every situation. Now you can play along with Billy, Brenda, Bobby and Becky, learning and practicing table manners, telephone manners, honesty and responsibilty, and more!

1. True or False. Billy shares a room with Bobby. Bobby is very neat and always makes his bed and puts his things away. Billy is a slob who leaves his things everywhere. This is fine because they each can do what they want to on their side of the room.

2. Bobby is such a picky eater! One day at a friend's house, Bobby was offered a slice of pepperoni pizza. How should he respond?

A. "Only if it's organic."

B. "I want the biggest piece!"

C. "Yes, please."

D. "I don't eat those round spicy things--gross!"

3. True or False. Becky thinks that when people around her are not using good manners it's okay for her to use bad manners too because she wouldn't want to be different or uncool.

4. Brenda has a cold and during lunch one day her nose starts to run. What should she do?

A. Blow her nose into her napkin.

B. Wipe her nose on her sleeve.

C. Excuse herself from the table and go blow her nose.

D. Wipe her nose on the tablecloth because it's big and no one will notice.