Discontinued Game Rules

All the rules listed below are for games that have been discontinued. If you are unable to find the rules on the below list, we no longer have them on file.

100 Really Dumb Things

All-Family Jingle Bell Game

Animal Dominoes

Backyard Games™ Freeze Tag™

Backyard Games™ Hot Pepper™

Backyard Games™ Spike Spike™

BeFOUR You Know

Beautiful Flower Garden™ Puzzle Key

Big Deal® 7! 7! 7!™

Big Deal® Bang! Zoom!™

Big Deal® Christmas Cards™

Big Deal® Go Tell it on the Mountain™

Big Deal® Golf™

Big Deal® Kid's Cards™

Big Deal® Malarky®

Big Deal® Noah's Ark

Big Deal® Royal Fluster™

Big Deal® Stuff the Stockings™

Big Deal® Three Throws™

    Bubble Sheet
    Score Sheet
    Sticker Sheet

Buzzword® Bits

Can-Do Roo™

Chase for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup™

Dictionary Dabble®



FunnyBugs™ Bingo

FunnyBugs™ Matching

Go Wacky!®

Games on the Go! Back & Forth™

Games on the Go! Culture Crash™

Games on the Go! Malarky®

Happy Birthday™ Party Games Freezy Fun™

Happy Birthday™ Party Games Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Happy Birthday™ Party Games Rodeo Relay Race™

Hearts & Spades™

Hedbanz® for Kids

I See Three!™

Imperial® Backgammon

Imperial® Pinochle


Let's Go to McDonald's® game

McDonald's® Filet O' Fish®

McDonald's®McNugget Buddies® Bingo!

McDonald’s® McNugget Buddies® Masquerade Ball game

McDonald’s®PlayPlace® game

McDonald’s® Rummmmy!

McDonald’s®Shake, Shake, SHAKE!

Now What


Pass the Pup

Perfect Sense™

Petcha Didn’t Know®

Repeat Pete!™

Road Trip QuizWit™Hollywood Flicks™

Road Trip QuizWit™Pop Tunes™

Road Trip QuizWit™TV Tube™

Roll-It Tic Tac Toe™ Board Game

Roll-It Tic Tac Toe™ Card Game


Such & Such®

The Alphabet Game

The Self-Esteem Game™

Tiny Tins™ Alien Race in Outer Space™

Tiny Tins™ Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!™

Tiny Tins™ Charades

Tiny Tins™ Dozen Dice Games

Tiny Tins™ Fluttery Butterflies™

Tiny Tins™ Fuzzy Puppy™

Tiny Tins™ Go Speed Go!™

Tiny Tins™ Grand Slam Baseball™

Tiny Tins™ Ha-Ha Hair-Do!™

Tiny Tins™ QuizWit™

Tiny Tins™ Roar! Roar! Dinosaur!™

Tiny Tins™ Spoons

Tiny Tins™ Today I Went to the Market™

Texas Hold'em Xtreme Poker