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WTS Toy Review 5-star rating

Canadian Toy Testing Council *** (Highest Rating)

Toy Tips “A” rating - Received a Toy Tips rating of "A" and a Fun rating of "A". The Toy Tips rating is based on Physical Skills, Thinking Skills, Emotional Development and Social Skills.

FamilyFun magazine’s 8 Great Family Games

Wondertime magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide

“Playing the game stimulates social skills, fine and gross motor skills, creativity and thinking. It’s easy to pack for travel delays or unplanned waiting times, can be used as a classroom preschool activity and is ideal for shy children to socialize with others.”

-Toy Tips review

“This monkey-see, monkey-do card game is a blend of the classics Go Fish and Charades. … How can you not hoot with glee when Dad sticks his fingers in his ears and grimaces, or Junior closes his eyes, folds his hands and smiles beatifically?”

—FamilyFun magazine

“This game encourages you to look like a monkey. No, your face won’t freeze like that.”

—Wondertime magazine

“I got this game for my 5- and 3-year-old. We all play and laugh out loud at each other making the faces. It is a game that they can play without much help from us, which is great.”

—Amazon customer

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