Tall-Stacker™ Mighty Monkey™ Pegs & Pegboard Set

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Received an outstanding Able Play rating from the National Lekotek Center for having cognitive and communicative qualities for children with special needs

Dr. Toy’s Best Picks Product Winner

Creative Child Preferred Choice Award

iParenting Media Awards Excellent products

Parents' Choice Recommended Award winner

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Gold Seal Award

“It was colorful and they loved to connect the monkeys together. The toy encouraged interaction with their siblings and me. They loved to match the colors together and also create patterns with the colors.”

-iParenting evaluator

“The monkey pegs were a sturdy large size, perfect for small toddler hands. The set allowed opportunities for color recognition and sorting, patterning for older children and fine motor development in stacking the pegs. This set can be used to encourage and reinforce a wide variety of developmental skills for young children.”

-iParenting evaluator

“A crepe rubber pegboard comes with 25 mighty monkeys to stack, balance and count. They are fun as a manipulative toy for older toddlers to stack and balance. How high of a stack can you make? How wide can you make them? Use them for naming colors, making patterns and for developing fine motor skills. The set comes with an activity guide that includes ideas for color matching, counting, and early math. However, start your toddler with this set as an open-ended toy that can be used in multiple ways. Toddlers will simply like having so many pieces to fill and spill out of the box or to line up or stack. Save some of the suggested games for older preschoolers.”

-Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

“These stacking Mighty Monkeys and Pegboard are a great way for your little adorables (ages 2 and up) to start building. Great for fine motor skills, imagination and play, these little fun monkeys are sure to delight even your older adorables.”

 -Heidi Farmer, The Good Stuff Guide

“The Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Pegboards Set may seem like a pegboard and some peg monkeys, but it really is so much more. Included inside is a one-page Activity Guide, which includes ways to use your Mighty Monkey Pegboard Set. Now since I am not very creative, I love that The Tall-Stacker Mighty Monkey Pegboard Set came with ideas how to use it and ways to play to keep the toy fresh. There are a total of 25 colored monkeys that are hard plastic and one Lauri Crepe Rubber pegboard that is like a hard foam board.  Everything is washable which is nice and there is no reading required! The monkeys snap together pretty easily and there are no small pieces to loose or have a child put in their mouth. There is so much to do with such a simple product and it is appropriate for ages 2 and up, which most toys start at ages 3 and up.”

-Cherise Kachelmuss, MommasMoneySavers Blog

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