100 Wacky Things™

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FamilyFun 8 Best Family Board Games

Creative Child-Preferred choice award

iParenting Media Awards-Outstanding products

The National Parenting Center-Seal of Approval

Winner of the Washington Post’s KidsPost best toys

Winner of the Baton Rouge Parents Magazine 9th Annual Toy Guide

5 Star rating from What's The Stuff Toy Review

“5 stars across the board for 100 Wacky Things! Bottom line – 100 Wacky Things is just good old fashioned silly fun for kids. Sure 100 Wacky Things is easy to use, it’s certainly functional, and it is definitely durable. Better than all of that we think that 100 Wacky Things is fantastic age appropriate fun. Forget video games and DVDs, 100 Wacky Things will have your kids up, pretending, and best of all laughing! Great game for the fun-lovers in all of us! “

- What's the Stuff toy review evaluators

“How fun is this? I can see myself using this with my Sunday school class, WMF Women’s meetings, Childcare Support Group meetings, family gatherings, as well as with, my preschool kids! This product encourages movement which is a much needed asset for children and adults. Helping a child develop a sense of humor is also important and this game is a good way to encourage laughter at themselves and at others, in a fun and friendly manner.”

-iParenting evaluator

"Everyone who played reported that all they experienced was a really great evening of laughter with the whole family. With each round the silliness ratchets up and the giggles increase. Even jaded tweens, who approached the game with some apprehension let down their guard once they saw the adults doing silly things such as walking like a crab or saluting a wall. No special skill is required, but if everyone follows the "dumb" cards and is willing to let others laugh at them, this game will bring everyone lots of fun, entertainment and of course, laughs.”

-National Parenting Center

“One fifth-grade tester described 100 Wacky Things as the best game ever!”

-The Washington Post

“100 Wacky Things was considered a Christmas Miracle by toy-testers and evaluators—perfect for family game nights.”

-Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

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